PTA Members


President:     Ann Plantamura

Secretary:     Ebony Faison

Treasurer:     Dianela Rodriguez 


Principal:       Miles Doyle

UFT Leader:  Jeremy Filner



Message from our

PTA President 

August 25th, 2016




As president of the PTA of the Orchard Collegiate Academy, I’d like to take the opportunity to welcome our parents, students, faculty and staff back for another year full of expanding the knowledge of our children, forming a community with our parents, faculty and staff and doing everything we can to help our children achieve their educational goals as well as having a bit of fun doing it.


As parents it is our hope that our children receive the best education possible in a safe, disciplined and enjoyable environment. In order to do that, it is essential that we as parents do our part in the educational development of our children and to become a part of the school community. But in this day and age, it is hard for parents because of obligations at home or work. Here in our school community we understand that you cannot be here all of the time, so any time you can spare will be greatly appreciated.


You can become a part of our community by volunteering during fundraisers or events or even becoming part of our PTA. Currently we are in need of a vice president. Also we need members for our School Leadership Team. When our students see their parents involved, the children become more engaged in their education.


Our first PTA meeting is scheduled for September 20th at 10am. During that meeting, we will discuss voting in parents who are interested in becoming a part of our PTA. All parents are welcome to participate. We will also discuss our goals for the year, workshops, fundraising and events. Any and all ideas are welcome. Also at 11am will be our first School Leadership Meeting. During that meeting we will discuss voting in members and the role of the SLT in our school.


Thank you for your participation and I hope to see you at the meeting.


Ann Plantamura

Parent/Teacher Association President