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Feature Story: Principal Doyle

Administration on a Mission

A sit down with the newly appointed, Principal Doyle

by the HSH Team

The first thing you will notice about Principal Doyle is his warm, smiling appearance. Then you will be surprised by his accent.

That’s because before Mr. Doyle became the principal at The Henry Street School for International Studies, he began his 18 year long teaching career in London.

Upon arriving to New York City, and before coming to Henry Street, he served as an assistant principal and as a founding member of two small schools that were able to turn around academically.

“I want to create a school that I can send my son to”, says the first year principal, speaking of his four-year-old son. He believes that every student has a talent and that, “it's about self esteem.” “If teachers have self esteem and believe that every student can get there [academically] then it’s a domino effect, because the students then have self esteem that their teachers believe in them and that they themselves can aspire to be those college graduates or [pursue] a career path of their choice.”

Here, in a team interview, Principal Doyle talks about his motivation and aspirations for the Henry Street School.

What do you enjoy the most about being a principal?

I have a very hands on approach when it comes to education. I believe in building relationships that support our community. It is my role to see to it that everyone involved at Henry Street gets the support that they need to be successful.

What do want for the student body at Henry Street?

It's about choice having choice. Everyone should have a choice when it comes to college and their career.

Thank you Principal Doyle!

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