• Farin Rinthy

Quick Tips from the Study Habit Rabbit

It's the middle of the year and most of us are getting ready to take regents/ final exams. Are your study habits helping you or hurting you?

Bad study habits

  • Procrastinating.. takes your mind off of what you're learning/ studying.

  • Listening to music.. because it hinders your memorization because of the changing words and notes it the song.

  • Highlighting.. because it's actually the least effective way for students to remember contents.

Good study habits

  • Quizzing yourself over the material you just read.

- Studying in silence to allow you to hear your thoughts and concentrate.

How can you improve your study habits?

  • When you realize you're about to start procrastinating, ask yourself "is it really worth it?"

  • After you read something, stop and ask yourself what you just read. That'll help you remember what you're reading and you'll understand it better.

If these good study habits don't help you, try asking for help! Teachers know best!

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