• Ivan Guzman

Get Organized for a Less Stressed Student

Does homework have you stressed?

Make life less stressful as a high school student, with these tips from Ivan;


A cluttered work space makes for a cluttered mind set. If you have no idea where your papers are, reorganize your desk and binder so that its neat and tidy. Make sure your papers are hole-punched and organized with dividers. Get rid of everything you do not need.


If you have any plans after school, you should use your time wisely. It's easy to use your extra class time to chat with your friends. You should start your homework in class.


When a teacher assigns you a project that's due in a few weeks, don’t leave it until last minute because you would be put in a stressful spot. If you begin on the day it's assigned, or given to you, you could continue little by little each day until it’s done. That would save you from rushing in the night before it's due and you could might get a better grade.


Sometimes homework stress doesn't always have to do with time management, it might just be that you don't understand it. Use your class time to talk with your teacher and have them explain it again. Or you can ask your parents for help. If neither of those options help, work with friends or find a tutor.

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