• Justin Yang

'Wings of Freedom' Put to the Test

At Henry Street, the Great Mr. Oswell is doing a toothpick bridge project with his first and eighth period classes.

They are trying to test out which bridge can hold the most weight. The type of bridge they want to build is entirely up to the kids. The material they are using to make it is glue, tape, and the main items toothpick.

David Liang and Kam during first period, made a bridge out of all three material. Their finished project was called “the flying wing.” It name was created because of the two wings that help support the bridge.

David thought his bridge would hold five textbooks but ultimately held one textbook during the challenge.

Just as Mr. Oswell put the first weight that weighed 2200 grams, the bridge failed.

Laughing, Kam said,”Mr. Oswell, you broke our wings of freedom.”

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