• Chriselle James

Growing up Mr. D

I interviewed one of the staff members of our Henry Street School English Teachers, Mr. Degregrio on how life was back in his teenager years of high school.

“Freshman year I was very short, small and didn’t know what sport to do so I joined wrestling,” says Mr. DiGregorio.

Mr. DiGregorio went to an all male catholic school called Msgr. Farrell in Staten Island. The school colors were maroon and gold, and the school’s motto was “Vir Fidelis” which was Latin for “faithful men.”

His favorite subjects were English and algebra, while his least favorite was Science. He played lacrosse freshman year, learned Italian, and had elective psychology.

Throughout his entire high school life, Degregrio was only absent 3 days. He said “I only missed 3 days of school because I had a funeral to go to, my mom allowed me to go to a Yankee parade, and I was sick once and my mom thought I was lying and didn’t talk to me for a week!”

Mr. Degregrio explained that if he could go back in time and give himself any advice on life, it would be “study harder, and choose my friends wisely.”

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