• Kelvin Hernandez

Cash for Concussions

There's a serious problem for the people who enjoy playing football. Some people say it is too rough. Other people say that is entertaining and the greatest game ever invented. Should the NFL get more safety precautions? More rules? Or maybe just better equipment. All of these are valid questions. Now where are the answers?

Football is one of the world's most dangerous sport. You can get very badly injured or even worse, you could die. For example: Andrew Smith, Ben Hemm, Evan Murray, Kenny Bui and several other High School Senior football players all died playing the sport they loved in 2015. They died due to major hits to the head. These are known as concussions. When you get a concussion your brain moves inside of your head and causes internal bleeding.

When it's not death, it is disease. Concussions cause headaches, vision problems, memory loss, and more serious problem such as Lou Gehrig's disease, ALS, Alzheimer, dementia, suicide thoughts, and violent behavior.

On the other hand football is one of the most entertaining and most viewed sport in all America. According to, 114.4 million people watch the super bowl in 2016. The NFL relies on big hits. People usually spend more time watching highlight of hits, catches and passes than the actual game. Why? Because it is entertaining.

Without those hits NFL cannot sell tickets or advertisements. This is where the NFL gets there money from. The NFL forces their players to almost kill themselves so they can make a living. The NFL always tells the media that they going change helmet to helmet contact and some of the rules that involve illegal tackling, such as unnecessary roughness.

Can we have a full contact sport without serious injuries?

According to the NFL they are interested in upgrading their equipment there players use. The NFL is working with a helmet company to make the helmet safer and prevent injuries. The NFL is trying to make the game safer without changing the way football is played.

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