• Cristian Ramierez

Career Inquiry Series: I Want To Be A Firefighter

Have you been thinking about what you want to do professionally after you graduate?

Would you ever want to have a dog at work with you?

Have you ever wanted to ride around in or drive a big truck?

Have you ever wanted to spray stuff with a lot of water?

Then maybe a career as a firefighter is in your future!

If you’re the type of person who likes to help others, feels good when protecting people from dangerous situations, and likes being part of a team, a firefighter requires these characteristics and more.

First, in order to be a firefighter you need to be a US. citizen.

Secondly you need to be physically fit because there’s a physical fitness test.

There’s also a computer based exam that tests memorization, visualization, and spatial orientation skills

high school diploma is required, 15 college semesters, and a driver’s license.

Being a firefighter can be a dangerous job but it can be rewarding as well. If you put the mind to it, it is possible.

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