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Good Reads Alert!

The SCP case files are documents written on the recovery and containment of supernatural and strange or potentially dangerous items or creatures, hence the anagram “SCP” standing for Secure Contain Protect.

Ranging from Demi gods to machine guns that shoot teeth there are over 1,000 different SCP files on which to read.

Maintained by the mysterious organization called the Foundation, their main occupation is the capture and containment of such objects and people after which being labeled SCPs.

While not always “ethical” or “humane” they strive to learn all there is to learn about the SCPs they have in their care and do their best to keep their existence a well guarded secret. The Foundation does this either through amnesiacs or termination.

With millions of dollars worth of funding and high class, well trained military personnel, called the Agents, they can secure nearly all SCP items or subjects. With their super smart collection of scientists, called "the doctors", they can find containment or neutralization for any of the SCPs they encounter.

If any of this interests you, you can find out more on the SCP's website:

Some of my personal favorites can be found here:

Scp-076 “Able”:



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