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Award Winners!

We had our First Quarter Awards Assembly this past Wednesday, November 22nd and there was a lot to celebrate! We heard an amazing performance by Jeremiah, Yashan and Joseph, witnessed 12 students receive core value awards for Heart, Stewardship and Service, heard the names of over 100 students who have 95% attendance or higher, and celebrate those students who achieved honor or merit roll status for first quarter. Here are the names and (and some photos) of the students who received awards:

Core Value Awards

9th Grade:

Selina M. - Heart

Jehida S.- Stewardship

Tony B. - Service

10th Grade:

Aisha S. - Heart

Abner V. - Service

Sinai P. - Stewardship

11th Grade:

Gustavo P. - Stewardship

Rafiq W. - Heart

Joseph M. - Service

12th Grade:

Brittany L. - Heart

Chriselle J.- Service

Ma Lia V. - Stewardship

Honor and Merit Roll

Amanda L.

Daniel M.

Daniel F.

Jonathan R.

Zendayi L.

Alexis L.

Julison Y.

Rosalinda Y.

Joseph M.

Christian M.

Ethan F.

Ayesha G.

Randy G.

Fasheem P.

Angenique H.

Alex C.

Nasir C.

Yashan C.

Chriselle J.

Teacher Awards

Ms. Reynolds- Heart

Ms. Hutchinson-

Mr. Digregorio- Service

Mr. Bolton- Stewardship

Ms. Alvarado- Stewardship

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