• Destiny Cortez

Performance Festival

Before the Winter Break, students from the Tenth and Eleventh Grade participated in a dance performance for all the grades to enjoy. The students that took part in the show were

Alexia (11th) , Angelique (10th) , Lisvet (10th), Makai (10th) Jala (10th) and Jeremiah(10th). They worked very hard putting moves together and trying out new dances. They together came up with four amazing dances that you can also enjoy and watch below.

- Angelique and Jermemiah took part in a student choreographed West African Dance.

-Alexia Angelique Lisvet and Jala took part in a Christmas dance ft the jingle bell rock song.

-Makai and Angelique did another student choreographed dance

-Angelique and Jeremiah took part in a hip hop dance choreographed by students as well.

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